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International School Sport Federation Convention

International School Sport Federation Convention

The International School Sport Federation (ISF) Convention offers the opportunity to exchange, discuss and develop Vision2030 by drafting the first strategic ideas for the future of the ISF with ISF members, experts and authorities.


03/17/2015 00:00


Doha, Qatar|03.20.2015

Workshops and plenary sessions on various themes in relation to world school sport development will make up the agenda. Some experts will take part in the taskforces in order to bring external ideas along with the experts of the ISF.

Many members have already mentioned ideas and propositions to develop the ISF. This will be the moment for them to attend any of those workshops to share and examine their projects. Each member will be able to attend 2 workshops and all the plenary sessions.

ISF workshops include:

  • Equality in school sport
  • Social responsibility, education and ethics
  • Health
  • International relations
  • School sport & girls

Each workshop will develop five recommendations that will be approved by the executive committee in October 2015 and later on, will be adopted by the general assembly in July 2016.

Additionally, a report book, addressed to all national and international federations, will be published in order to convey recommendations regarding school sport.

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