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International Sport & Social Impact Summit


International Sport & Social Impact Summit

Global Action Initiatives (GAI) is presenting the first ever International Sport and Social Impact Summit at the IMG Academy.


06/06/2015 00:00


Bradenton, Florida, US|20.06.2015

This event, part of the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) Youth Leadership Programme, is bringing together 34 young athletic leaders from throughout north, central and south America, along with experts in the field of sport for development, for two weeks of community development training.

Participants will learn to use the universal language of sports to engage and lead their peers in addressing vital social and economic issues in their home communities.

Over the course of the two weeks, the participants will learn techniques for running sports for development programmes from professionals, and share their own experiences running sport-based empowerment programmes in their communities.

Each day has a specific theme and sport. Activities include using judo for conflict resolution, rugby to promote education and soccer to combat HIV/AIDS among others.

The two-week event is the United Nations’ flagship outreach programme to the global millennial generation.

The summit will be centered at the campus at IMG Academy, with participants also traveling to other venues in the region for sport and leadership training.

Please note that participants for the summit have already been selected

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