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International Symposium: How sport and athletes can contribute to achieving SDGs

International Symposium: How sport and athletes can contribute to achieving SDGs

A special symposium will be held as main part of Tsukuba Global Science Week 2018: Driving Sustainable Development.


Thu, 09/20/2018 to Sat, 09/22/2018


Contents of TGSW 2018

As the pace of globalisation continues unabated, we have come to witness a range of global issues – climate change and global warming, biodiversity, world hunger and poverty, environmental degradation, food security, human trafficking, terrorism, etc. – that call for worldwide collaboration of scientists for solutions. Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) was conceived and launched as a platform for sharing the latest research results, carrying out transdisciplinary conversations, and providing an impetus for action to deal with such intractable problems.

With the University of Tsukuba, Japan as its principal host, TGSW is held annually in Tsukuba Science City – Japan’s largest science city and a global hub for science and technology. The construction of the city had begun in the late 1960s as a major national project to establish a hub for research institutes and other organisations, both newly created and transplanted from Tokyo to carry out world-class research. Tsukuba Science City is now a proud host of over 30% of the country’s research institutes and related organisations with more than 20,000 researchers from all over the world, engaged in cutting-edge research ranging from next-generation cancer therapy, innovative medicine, natural energy, robotics to nanotechnology, among others.

The scope of TGSW is indeed broad and far-reaching. By bringing together internationally renowned researchers, and aspiring young researchers and students based in Tsukuba and much beyond, it covers a whole variety of topics, promoting lively exchanges, regardless of borders and disciplines. It also serves as an ideal international networking opportunity for transdisciplinary, trans-organisational and trans-border collaborations.

Contents of the special symposium: Sport and the SDGs

Two global Master’s programmes of the University of Tsukuba (in Japan), called TIASand IDS MA2 will hold two main sessions related to sports and the SDGs. We will invite Ms. Yuko Arimori, Olympic silver and bronze medallist and Ms. Namanda Hadija, a first woman president of Uganda Volleyball Association and the first batch students of the TIAS short programme.

  • First session:  How Top Athletes Can Contribute to Achieving SDGs - 11:30AM - 12:30PM at Hall 300
  • Second session: Actions for SDGs through Sports -  02:00PM- 05:00PM at Conference Room 101

Free admission registration opens at 11:00AM. Registration opens at 1:30PM.

1 Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies: TIAS

2 Joint master's programme in International Development and Peace through Sport: IDS MA

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