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Liga FEM football meeting, Costa Rica: Empowerment of women through football

Liga FEM football meeting, Costa Rica: Empowerment of women through football

Seprojoven is hosting a football event which will include activities facilitated by two former members of the US women's football team.


03/09/2013 00:00


San Jose, Costa Rica

A great gathering will happen on the afternoon of Saturday 9 March on the football field and in the community hall of Rincon Grande de Pavas, a suburb of Costa Rica's capital, San José. Adolescent girls from the suburbs of Leon XIII, Guarari of Heredia, Los Cuadros and Rincón Grande Pavas, will share a learning space with Tracy Noonan and Amanda Cromwell. They are both former members of the United States women's national football team, FIFA world champions and coaches in the United States first division.

To start, there will be a workshop with 100 girls from Seprojoven's Liga FEM project and the two USA players about skills in sport, skills in life and empowerment of women through football. Then there will be a soccer clinic with the Liga FEM group of mediators and leaders, organised by the USA players.

Football is a pedagogical tool for individual and group strengthening, the soccer field is the scene where they demonstrate this and practice and develop skills such as self-esteem, communication and teamwork - essential elements that allow them to deal with a sexist environment that seeks to subordinate them.

Through football practice, the girls learn to avoid situations of violence and to propose collectively respect for their human rights and gender equality.

This activity is carried out with the support of the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica, Football For Hope of FIFA and Seprojoven.