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MLSE LaunchPad Research 2 Practice Symposium

MLSE LaunchPad Research 2 Practice Symposium

Join MLSE LaunchPad for their Research to Practice Symposium virtual seminar, exploring the case for sport as an intervention for mental promotion in youth.


Thu, 05/05/2022

When: 5 May 2022, 10.00am - 12.15pm EST

Research to Practice Symposium is intended to bring together researchers, practitioners and youth to work together on common issues and catalyze continued collaboration.

As a practitioner, you can leverage the expertise of researchers to help you answer the important questions from program evaluation and improvement to impact reporting.

As a researcher, you can get to know the most current practices, and most prevalent issues in the community that can help you develop impactful research questions and partnerships.

And as a young person you have access and space through the event to bring a youth lens into the conversation. Specifically, these will be explored through cross learning, and discussing the case for sport as an intervention for mental promotion in youth.

The panelist that will be speaking at the symposium are:

  • Micaella Riche , Lay-Up Basketball
  • Kyle Rich , Brock University
  • Kwasi Adu-Poku, Youth Expert

There will also be a keynote joint presentation by:

  • Marika Warner, MLSE LaunchPad
  • Mark Bruner, Nipissing University
  • Colin McLaren, Nipissing University
  • Kendra MacIsaac, YMCA North Bay
  • Jay Mater, YMCA North Bay

Register for the event via Eventbrite.

Who is MLSE Foundation and MLSE LaunchPad? 

Since launching in December 2009, MLSE Foundation has invested more than $45 million into Ontario communities. Using the power of sport as a unifying force, we're committed to helping youth reach their potential and creating more equal playing fields for all. Our vision is to change lives through the spirit and power of sport. We improve the lives of youth by building facilities, giving to sustainable programs and empowering youth through sport and recreation. 

MLSE LaunchPad is a place where youth facing barriers use sport to recognize and reach their potential. We are a Sport for Development organization but what we do goes far beyond the playing field – we collaborate, we program with excellence, and we genuinely believe in the importance of the work we do and the people we do it with. Yes we operate out of a 42,000 square foot sport facility, but we are so much more than a gym. To better understand our approach, please read more about our Core Values below and why they are important to us:  

  • Youth First, First Always: Youth members are always our number one priority and their best interests are at the heart of every decision we make. We are unwavering in our commitment to their safety and potential. 
  • We Break Barriers: We understand that the marathon of life is different for every person and work diligently to ensure equitable access to our programming, services, and opportunities. We strive to be leaders in breaking barriers, not records. 
  • Our Differences Make the Difference: We believe that our strength is rooted is in the diverse voices, ideas, and lived experiences of everyone that works and plays within our space. When everyone is included and feels welcomed to be themselves, we are more innovative, creative, and impactful. 
  • We Are Family: We care about each other, we look out for each other, and we are accountable to each other. We will make mistakes and we will fail, but everyone is always working with the best intentions towards the same goal. We will always be there to pick each other up.  
  • Build a Better Tomorrow Today: Things don’t get better by accident. We are intentional in our individual and organizational pursuit of growth, innovation, and our focus on positive youth development to make sure that tomorrow is better than today. 
  • Big Up Yourself & Those Around You: We are full of positivity. We believe in ourselves and we are champions of others. We give shout outs and spread happiness. 


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