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A new alliance: Future directions in sport and social change

A new alliance: Future directions in sport and social change

Join the Sport and Social Change Alliance for a webinar to understand the issues that currently exist for sport organisations, how individuals and groups are being affected by them, and how they can be addressed through sport.


Tue, 06/28/2022

When: 28 June, 1.00pm - 4.00pm CEST

We recognise the contribution and enormous potential of sport as a driver for social change at a time when society is changing at a rapid pace. To realise this potential, we believe that sport organisations of all sizes within the industry must become more inclusive, socially impactful, and environmentally considerate.

The SSCA webinar series sets out to support sport organisations in their efforts by providing a deeper insight into, and understanding of, the issues that currently exist; how individuals and groups are being affected by them; and how they can be, or are being, addressed through sport.

The Women's EURO 2022, due to be held in England in early July, is expected to receive record-breaking viewing figures. It is being pitched as the headline sport event of the summer that will "raise the bar for women's football and set new standards for European women's sports events."

We'll use this webinar to gain new perspectives from people working around women's football, and in sport generally. For example, in one session, our guests will explore just how far women's football has come, and how much further it has the potential to go. They'll examine whether more could be done in women's football, and other sports, by women - especially at the leadership level. And, among other topics, they'll look at how overlapping social determinents, such as being female and from an ethnic minority, can lead to underlying health issues.

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