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“Peace cannot be enforced, it must be inspired”

“Peace cannot be enforced, it must be inspired”

An International Olympic Truce Centre and Intelligence Squared Greece co-production, with the support of the British Council.


09/19/2012 00:00


Greece, Athens|19.09.2012
How do we achieve peace?

In 2000, the International Olympic Committee and the Greek government revived the ancient institution of the Olympic Truce. Since then, many important successes have been achieved on an international level. Last October the United Nations passed a resolution to uphold the Olympic Truce, declaring their intention not to engage in conflicts and wars during the London Games. For the first time all 193 member states of the UN signed the resolution for the Olympic Truce.

And yet the Olympic Truce has not been upheld by some countries. In fact, hostilities in Syria and other parts of the world continued to intensify throughout the Games and are still raging today.

Are ideals enough to inspire people - and eventually states - to behave peacefully? Can peace be more than the absence of war which has been forced by regulations, sanctions, and threats? Perhaps intervention, military or otherwise, is the only way to achieve peace? Can an effective enforcement mechanism be created at an international level to minimise and eventually eliminate violent conflict? Or perhaps peace can only be achieved by enforcing compliance?

Speaking FOR the motion:
Lord Bates, Member of the House of Lords, completed the ‘Walk for Truce’ from Olympia to London
Peter Economides, brand strategist, founder and president of Felix BNI

Speaking AGAINST the motion:
Athanasios Platias, Director of the Department of International and European Studies and Professor of Strategy, University of Piraeus
Maria - Daniella Marouda, Lecturer in International Law, Panteion University

Nikos Andritsos, Journalist

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