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Play the Game 2015 - global sport: reform or revolution?

Play the Game 2015 - global sport: reform or revolution?

For the ninth time Play the Game invites you to engage in open, fact-based and constructive debates on themes that are essential to the future of sport.


10/26/2015 00:00


Aarhus, Denmark|10.29.2015

Play the Game 2015 invites all stakeholders in sport to make strategies that can address the multiple challenges that are inherent to modern sport: match-fixing, doping, corruption, trafficking, exploitation and sedentary lifestyles, just to mention a few.

We invite academics, journalists, sports officials and other stakeholders to contribute with your knowledge, experience and opinions at Play the Game – the ninth edition of a conference that has become a world leader in the international sports debate.

Whether as an academic, journalist, a sports official or in any other function, your engagement is essential in order to find the solutions that society needs for sport and physical activity:

Academics can play a key role by bringing comprehensive data, scientific methods and analytical skills into the process

Journalists have a special responsibility as they are often a part of the sporting environment, and they exercise strong influence on which issues appear on the political agenda

Sports officials face the double-edged duty of providing economic growth and increased participation, while at the same time ensuring more ethical governance, strict anti-doping measures and social sustainability

Conference themes:

  • The revolt against global events: A perfect storm for sport?
  • Governments vs. fixers: Will the rule of law beat the law of the jungle?
  • Good governance in sport: Setting standards, raising bars
  • A new world code against doping: Anybody willing to comply?
  • The deadly disease of inactivity: Is the world ready for a cure?
  • Transfers and trafficking: The human cost of broken dreams
  • College sport in the USA: Unprotected amateurs in a billion-dollar business

Visit the Play the Game 2015 conference website for more information

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