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Play the Game Symposium 2012

Play the Game Symposium 2012

Play the Game will facilitate a special symposium on current challenges in sport at the 20th European Association for Sport Management (EASM) Conference will be held in Aalborg, Denmark from 18 -21 September 2012.


09/18/2012 00:00


Denmark, Aalborg|21.09.2012
Play the Game Symposium: bringing change to the heart of sport

Play the Game is an international conference and communication initiative aiming to strengthen the ethical foundation of sport and promote democracy, transparency and freedom of expression in sport.

During the EASM conference, Play the Game will invite sports leaders, academics and practitioners to discuss some of the most urgent challenges in international sport. The latest Play the Game conference was held at the German Sport University Cologne in October 2011 under the theme "Bringing change to the heart of sport".

We invite you to learn more about some of the critical issues for contemporary world sport that were highlighted and discussed in Cologne and to contribute to the ongoing debate.

The workshop will be run as parallel sessions open to all delegates. In each parallel session three speakers will give presentations of 15-20 minutes duration followed by an open debate between the audience and the speakers.


  • Corruption and match-fixing: Will reforms work?
  • Mega-events: A continued march of white elephants?
  • Watchdog or lapdog? Perspectives of the International Sports Press Survey 2011.
  • Promoting participation: Who can deliver?
  • Youth waste: The illegal trade with underage sporting talent.
  • Fan Culture: From battle scenes to board room scenarios.

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About the EASM Conference

The theme of the 20th EASM Conference is "Sport between business and civil society" and was selected to reflect the dynamics and the rivalry between the traditional sports sector based on volunteering and non-profit values, and sport as a profit making tool affected by growing commercialisation and professionalisation of elite sports and professional sports.Call for abstracts is open for both completed research or research in progress is welcomed.

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