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Primary and Junior Games from LimbPower

Primary and Junior Games from LimbPower

Introducing young amputees and young ambulant disabled children between the ages of 6 -11 to a range of sporting activities in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment, with instruction from qualified coaches and experienced athletes.


03/21/2015 00:00


Surrey, UK
The Primary Games provide young amputees and ambulant disabled children of all abilities with:

  • An opportunity to participate in sport
  • The chance to learn and develop coordination and motor skills
  • An opportunity to socialise with their peers
  • The inspiration to discover their potential through sport

Sports: athletics, cycling, table tennis, tennis, swimming, basketball, sitting volleyball.

N.B. The sports programme is subject to change so please check the website for details.The children will be divided into groups based on their age and will be accompanied by an amputee mentor.

If you are interested in attending this event please get in touch with Gemma Trotter

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