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The inaugural RESPONSIBALL Forum will be an opportunity for people interested in sport, particularly football, and social responsibility to come together for a day of learning, sharing, and in-depth discussion.


Thu, 11/08/2018 - 08:00 to 19:00



Different themes under the three key topics — Governance, Community and Environment — will be explored, and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and open discussions, with the overarching theme of the day being Refugees and Sport.

By discussing the different topics, initiatives and good practices that are already in existence, we hope that attendees will come away with a better understanding of the positive work that is being done with refugees in football/sport and use this as a springboard toward promoting and implementing new initiatives in the future.

Refugees in Sport

As the number of migrants and refugees in Europe continues to increase, building understanding and opportunities for integration and inclusion are important for all involved. Sport has proven to be a valuable tool not only to include refugees and migrants into local communities, but also as a means of building cultural and individual awareness. The overarching theme of refugees and sport will be discussed and examined throughout the day as we look at good practices, new opportunities, and potential challenges.

FA and Club Good Practices

Many FAs and clubs have set programmes in place to aid with the integration and inclusion of refugees, as well as the sensitisation of the community to the challenges faced by the refugee community. This will be an opportunity to discuss some of the best practices currently run in professional football.


Pending involvement from refugees, this could be an opportunity for participants to meet refugees. Possibility for a “living-library/speed-dating” activity in which participants and refugees will have the opportunity to talk vis-à-vis about their background and experiences.

Introduction of 2018 RESPONSIBALL Ranking

The eighth edition of the RESPONSIBALL Ranking will be introduced, as will the updated indicators used to assess the clubs and leagues. Intern Marisa Schlenker will share the research she completed regarding the updated indicators and how this built upon the existing ranking model.

Introduction of club auditing system

Many football clubs carry out good practices without realising that they have done anything beyond ordinary business operations. With the RESPONSIBALL Auditing System, clubs have the option to either self-identify their good practices or have professional assistance in gathering and assessing the information. Through the audits, clubs will be able to identify their strengths, while also pinpointing areas in which they have potential to grow and develop.


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