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Smart Cities & Sport Summit

Smart Cities & Sport Summit

The fifth edition of the Smart Cities and Sport Summit will take place from 29-31 October in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital.


Mon, 10/29/2018 to Wed, 10/31/2018



The Summit is a unique conference targeting representatives of cities and regions across the world willing to develop smart strategies that connect sport and cities.

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from industry experts, share best practices and connect with the international sports world.

In 2018, the Smart Cities and Sport Summit will feature a brand-new format in order to foster interaction among participants and enhance the dynamic throughout the conference. Cities will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses, take part in debates, ask questions during interviews and much more.

Smart Cities & Sport is an initiative of the World Union of Olympic Cities, an association of former and future Olympic host cities supported by the International Olympic Committee.

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