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Smartcities & Sport Summit 2022

Smartcities & Sport Summit 2022

Join Smartcities & Sport for their annual summit to find out how cities can become playgrounds and bring people closer to sport.


Mon, 10/24/2022 to Wed, 10/26/2022

The Smartcities & Sport Summit 2022 is coming back to Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, October 24-26, 2022!

This year's summit will focus on the sportification of cities – or how cities can become playgrounds to bring people closer to sport.

Over the two-day conference, we will invite you to step off the beaten track and explore all places, from the most traditional to the most inventive ones, where sport becomes a natural part of the lives of city dwellers and improves their well-being.

The summit will provide a high-level and prestigious platform for the exchange of ideas and experience to more than 300 participants. It is aimed at anyone involved in international, national and local sports; including: cities, sports federations, national olympic committees, non-profit organisations, companies and sports clubs.

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