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Sport and Disability Knowledge Exchange: Webinar 2

Sport and Disability Knowledge Exchange: Webinar 2

The topic of this webinar is "What is advocacy and how can it help advance Inclusive Sport?".


Fri, 05/25/2018 - 14:00


United Kingdom


This interactive webinar (online workshop) will be hosted by InFocus 25 May 2018 and explore "What is advocacy and how can it help advance Inclusive Sport in relation to Sport for Development (S4D) and disability programmes around the world".

During the webinar, we look at advocacy through various lenses that will help build a cohesive argument for more and better policies and resources for inclusive sport in all its forms. “Advocacy can be defined as a deliberate planned and sustained effort to advance an agenda for change. Advocacy consists of organised efforts and actions that use the tools of democracy to establish and implement
laws and policies so as to create a just and equitable society
.” - CBM

Background to the webinar

The webinar is the second in a series of six interactive webinars in 2018 that are bringing together practitioners, funders and researchers working in the global field of S4D and disability to share their experience and insights. Each of the webinars will explore a different topic related to S4D and disability through guided discussions and exercises, with a focus on exploring the commonalities and differences in S4D and disability work around the world. The information generated from the webinars, will be used to develop and refine a new theory of change (ToC) for S4D and Disability, that will be publicly available as a resource in the S4D sector. There is also the potential, to pull together the learning from the 6 webinars, into a journal article at the end of the year to share learning more widely.

Who can join the webinar?

The webinars are ideal for individuals or organisations working in the field of S4D and disability. 

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