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SportWorks TALKS: Approaches to sports integrity

SportWorks TALKS: Approaches to sports integrity

Join SportWorks as they host Aditya Kumar to discuss how the Athletics Integrity Unit is working to ensure that integrity in sports is maintained.


Tue, 07/13/2021

Following the doping scandals that rocked the sports world prior to the Rio Olympic Games, World Athletics (then IAAF) embarked upon a pathbreaking governance reforms process. The creation of an independent Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), to handle all integrity issues in the sport of athletics, sat at the very heart of those reforms. In the last four years, since its creation in April 2017, the AIU has become a benchmark among integrity bodies in international sports.

The AIU has the power to investigate and prosecute all forms of integrity breaches including doping, corruption, competition manipulation, harassment and abuse, etc. that may exist in the sport of athletics. In this upcoming TALK, Aditya Kumar, Head of Education and Communications at AIU, will share how the organisation is living up to its role of drive cheats out of athletics and support athletes around the world to reach their goals through honest hard work.

When: Tuesday, 13 July, 4:00pm CET

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