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SportWorks TALKS: Impact of peace and sport programs

SportWorks TALKS: Impact of peace and sport programs

Join SportWorks as they host Marlene Harnois to discuss Peace and Sport's approach and how the impact of sport for development programs can be proved.


Tue, 09/21/2021

Though it is undeniable how SDP (Sports for Development and Peace) projects and organisations are contributing to a better world, making this visible is not always easy. To overcome this challenges, SDP organisations have been developing different approaches, that could serve as accountability for society and encourage decision-makers to make investments.

Peace and Sport, for instance, chose a bottom-up approach, sharing good practices that prove the federating, educational and social impact of sport. Besides more than 14 years of experience developing field programs on 5 continents, they designed an App recognised by UN’s report on the 2030 agenda, and created the Champions for Peace club, composed by more than 118 international athletes assuming a key advocacy role. Those initiatives combined are helping Peace and Sport to make the point about the global impact of SDP programs.

In this upcoming TALK, Marlene Harnois, the Champions-for-Peace club representative, will share how Peace and Sport’s approach could inspire other organisations to better prove the impact of their programs.

When: 21 September, 4:00 - 5:00 pm CEST

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