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Surf and Social Good Summit


Surf and Social Good Summit

You are invited to join and support the first Surf and Social Good Summit. Debuting a new form of action-focused conferencing, expect invigorating workshops, inspiring conversations, storytelling that moves us to act and group activities that help build connections and create solutions for sustainable surfing futures.


05/15/2015 00:00


Bali, Indonesia|05.18.2015

The summit is the launch of a collective of passionate change-makers working together to create an environment that fosters cross-cultural exchange of experiences and ideas through the power of surfing.

The surf industry is full of impressive athletes with the drive to give back, companies investing in the support of new althetes and their communities, and social impact groups making inspiring strides in empowering people through surfing.

However, their work is relatively siloed. The Summit brings together a global community to mobilise a collective voice and vehicle for further advancement of the field of surf for social change.

The theme of the summit is 'Let's Make Waves' and will feature a variety of speakers, workshops and particular focus on gender engagement and women's empowerment through surfing

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