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Webinar: Sports for development and social business

Webinar: Sports for development and social business

Girls in the Lead warmly invites you to webinar Sports for Development and Social Business, held 18 February 13-15h (UTC+1) on Zoom, hosted by Girls in the Lead and Yunus Sports Hub.


Thu, 02/18/2021

How to create new streams of income for Sports for Development programs?

The goal of the webinar is to explore innovative and sustainable strategies to build resilient socio-economic development and agency in sports for development organizations. 

The goals of the webinar are:

  • To rethink how to create economic development in communities and organizations (locally, nationally, regionally)
  • To gain understanding of organizations’ responses and strategies in demonstrating greater economic resilience.
  • To exchange approaches and insights with key actors around strategies and share best practices for improved autonomy.
  • To establish priorities in building economic agency of sports organizations, and in connecting organisations with related processes, initiatives and institutions.
  • To advocate the importance of women’s led organizations to be financially resilient.

Webinar speakers include: 

  • Cyndi Mendoza - I AM WATER
  • Pedro Salazar - Amigos Del Mar
  • Rachel May - Mhor Outdoor
  • Jan van Hovell - KLABU
  • Andreza Salgueiro -
  • Yoko Youssouf - Yunus Sports Hub

Please register here by 10 February

Find out more about the webinar here.


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