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Why Sports Conference 2017

Why Sports Conference 2017

Over the coming years Why Sports will work closely with the leaders and organisations that are required to deliver on the strategies which will shape the nation whilst ensuring our social contributions continue to leave a lasting footprint.


Wed, 05/17/2017 - 00:00


United Kingdom

Increased time, expertise and in excess of £250 million pounds will be invested to tackle inactivity across the United Kingdom. Community groups will be handed increased power and support with their decision making and the private sector will be encouraged to create inspiring sports facilities whilst providing strong career opportunities for apprentices and graduates.

The embedded strategies now form the blue print to how the country can come together to ensure that we improve on the alarming figures of inactivity across our nation. The strategies form the foundation for a new and exciting future. They quite rightly challenge our thinking, approach and commitment and ask our leaders to embrace new ways of working to develop active communities for all. For the first time the sector will now put not just what we invest in, but why we invest, at the heart of its work.

Our annual Why Sports conference will focus on putting this new policy into practice. Delivered in association with London Sport and supported by many other leading organisations, we will focus on the progress of the Sporting Future - Towards an Active Nation strategy, analysing achievements, observing what we have learned and identifying how we can work together to ensure increased activity.

Why Sports 2017 will be delivered in association with London Sport and will work to embed London Sports vision for London to become the most physically active city in the world. The conference will host strong presentations and debate the progress of the challenge, whilst enabling transferable knowledge to be shared and collective visions to be delivered upon from across a wide range of sectors.


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