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Why Sports Conference - Investment In Sport & Activity 2016


Why Sports Conference - Investment In Sport & Activity 2016

The conference will take a look at the economic impact of sport and consider the question, "Where does all the money go?"


10/11/2016 00:00


Manchester United Football Ground, UK

In September 2015, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) introduced “A New Strategy for Sport". The document seized the opportunity to engage with the many leaders and deliverers of sport and raised many pertinent issues of how best to move sport forward across the UK. Responses to the document have now been tendered, and the long awaited ‘Sporting Future’ strategy is now upon us. The strategy covers many different topics; however, investment & financial sustainability remains a key driver for the overall success of this policy, and therefore takes precedent in the second in our series of conferences taking place in 2016.

Through our accompanying conference and our ongoing channels of online communication and debate, the Why Sports Media Group (WSMG) seek to address this challenge set by The Sporting Future strategy. By connecting a variety of professional service providers and investors with the many fantastic sporting projects and leaders around the country, we will facilitate further the dissemination of transferable best practice from within the private sector and across our delegation.

The Why Sports Conference - Investment In Sport & Activity 2016 will not only work to highlight the financial benefits of increased and sustained participation in sport, but will also seek to provide a platform to improve understanding of the new ways of ensuring the long-term financial stability of the sector.

The conference and the pre and post conference online debate aim to ensure greater collaboration and continuous communication on all the pressing issues related to finance, investment, skills, commercialisation, efficiency, facilities and infrastructure contained in the “Sporting Future” strategy.

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