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Women Play Sport Conference 2015

Women Play Sport Conference 2015

The two-day conference will include a mixture of workshops and keynotes focusing on a vareity of topics including women's health, the inclusion of girls in sports and sport medicine.


04/21/2015 00:00


Birmingham, UK |22.04.2015

Women Play Sport (WPS) 2015 has now become a biennial fixture which provides a platform to discuss, promote and encourage the increased exposure and participation of females in sport.

This year's conference will be a continuation of the hugely successful and popular inaugural event in 2013, and we have announced an even more cutting edge and innovative conference programme in 2015. A mixture of workshops and keynotes will cover a number of topics including: the importance of media coverage of women in sports, development of female leadership, and the importance of sport for physical and mental wellbeing.

WPS 2015 remains the only national conference/forum to take place in the UK that focuses specifically on attracting more sport and activities participation from women and girls across all age groups and all abilities.

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