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Youth Day South Africa 2019

Youth Day South Africa 2019

June is known as Youth Month in the South African calendar, and Youth Day also known as "Soweto Uprising" originates from a series of protests led by high school students on 16 June 1976. This year, Inkwenkwezi Youth, will pick up the momentum of general elections to be held on May 8 and stage a sporting extravaganza that cuts across all youth communities exactly a month later.


Sat, 06/08/2019 to Sun, 06/09/2019


Prudhoe community
South Africa


​​​​​The International Charter of Physical Education and Sport was adopted by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) General Conference at its 20th session, in Paris on 21 November 1978. The Charter declares that the practice of physical education and sport is a fundamental right for all, and forms an essential element of the education system. The Charter aims to place the development of physical education and sport at the service of human progress, and urges governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO's), educators, families and individuals themselves to be guided by the Charter and put it into practice. Unfortunately, South Africa is has a high prevelence of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. The Youth Day will be reaffirming UNESCO's position and uphold the policy directives that governments and NGO's are to be guided by the Charter in purstuit of sport development.


Youth Day draws inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) - the United Nations youth development framework. 

Despite legislative policy framework, and continental and international instruments, child safeguarding and protection in sport remains a challenge in South Africa. Further, evidence from developing countries indicates that some sport programmes provide women and girls with opportunities to develop leadership skills. Research among young women in South Africa suggests that female athletes are more likely to have fewer children than non-athletes from the same region, and are less likely to exhibit risky sexual and anti-social behaviors.


The Youth Day is aimed at achieving the following strategic objectives:

  • To promote child safeguarding and protection in sport
  • To increase commitment and investment towards youth development through sport 
  • To help combat crime, drugs and substance abuse
  • To improve health and well-being
  • To help reduce obesity
  • To mainstream children and young girls
  • To promote sportsmanship and athleticism

Expected outcomes:

  • Reduced incidents relative to crime, drugs and substance abuse
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Recognition of youth and children as active participants in sports
  • Increased number of young people engaged in sport and positive recreation

Project description

The Youth Day is a mass participation annual event, wherein teams in and around Peddie are participating. This year's activities include:

  • Female netball
  • Female soccer
  • Under 13 male soccer

Resources needed

  • 3 Soccer kits for female young adults for the top 3 placing teams
  • 3 Netball kits for female young adults for the top 3 placing teams
  • 3 Soccer kits for male under 13 for the top 3 placing teams

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