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Call for GGWCup Ambassador Coaches

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Call for GGWCup Ambassador Coaches

On 14 May we will hold the European Edition of the Global Goals World Cup in Copenhagen. Twelve special teams of Global Goals Activistas from 12 EU Countries will be among the 24 competing teams. And YOU might be the coach of one of them. Deadline: 6 November

Are you passionate about inspiring women and girls to become rolemodels for sports participation and sustainable development in their communities? Do you think that football can be the perfect forum for this?

Then you should apply to become one of our 12 volunteer ambassador coaches.

Prior to the European Global Goals World Cup tournament in Copenhagen in May 2019, we have received a grant from Erasmus+ to invite 12 coaches to a coaches clinic. Here we will explore the barriers that keep certain groups of women from doing sport, and try to find out if one way to overcome these barriers could be to add elements of social responsibility, creativity and and community service to the team purpose. The coaches will undergo our Impact Coaches training, and create their own individual action plans for meeting the challenge of creating a Global Goals team in their home country.

The team must have at least four women, who are what the EU calls “citizens with fewer opportunities”. In our project this means young and adult women who for some reason, be it cultural, religious, physical or economic are unlikely to participate in sport. They can be players who have already broken the barrier and are participating in one of your programmes, or they can be new players that you recruit for the team. What is important is that they will become our expert panel: Through their stories and feedback we will learn about what works! They will step out of the statistics and onto the pitch.

The second week of May, you will travel with your team to the Global Goals World Cup - Europe in Copenhagen, play in the tournament and participate in a symposium where all the teams share experiences and get to know each other. Our findings will be collected in a publication to inspire everyone who is working with women in sport.

Does it sound interesting?

Note: The role as Ambassador Coach is unpaid, but travel expenses, room and board is covered.

Deadline for applications is 6 November.

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