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Communications and Casework Consultants

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Communications and Casework Consultants

SD Europe is looking for a Communications Consultant and a Casework Consultant to complement the rest of the team. Deadline: 30 November

About SD Europe

SD Europe is a non-profit organisation meeting helping supporters to be involved in the running of football clubs and promoting the sustainable development of the game as a whole. Active in 38 countries across Europe, SD Europe represents grassroots and national supporters organisations, as well as amateur and professional member-run football clubs.

When applying for either of these positions, please note:

Both positions are considered to be part-time but depending on the skill set you offer these could also be merged into one consultancy contract.


You could work from anywhere in Europe. Currently the team works from Athens, Hamburg, Stockholm and London


Commensurate with experience and skills


30 November 2018

How to apply

Please send your CV (1), a cover letter (2) and two job references (3) to :

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer will be responsible for the communications for the whole organisation. S/he will be responsible for keeping our diverse network, staff, and the community informed with relevant information through developing, implementing and maintaining communication strategies across all different channels including print, web, social media, mobile, electronic newsletters, etc. Oversee the public website and social media channels, acting as chief writer and editor of these sites. Provide guidance, training and editorial advice to board and team members, network members social media account administrators and other relevant staff. Help create and maintain association communication plans and schedules. S/he will work closely with the rest of the team and the organisation’s members and other stakeholders and report to the CEO


  • Manage overall communications of the organisation, including all areas (work with members, SLO, E+ funded projects, HatTrick), including:
    • Website / Social media
    • Any newsletters / publications
    • Branding / design work
    • Video / all external partner communications
  • Produce and manage the production of content and publications
  • Read the full list of responsibilities at the SD Europe website


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication or equivalent experience
  • Three or more years’ experience developing marketing or communication materials
  • Three or more years’ experience managing and creating content for social media accounts
  • People-oriented, innovative, with a positive attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community
  • Read the full list of qualifications at the SD Europe website

Casework & Member Support Consultant

SD Europe is seeking a part-time Membership Coordinator. SD Europe’s membership is the backbone of the organisation and it requires support by someone with experience in working with fans but also an understanding of the structures and identities of member-run clubs. The candidate will work closely with the Head of Member Support and report to the CEO.


  • Casework support
    • Provide direct support to SD Europe members, national supporter groups and member-run clubs as needed
  • Knowledge development
    • Develop further training opportunities for SD Europe members and its wider network
    • Support the ongoing development of new and existing resources
    • Investigate relevant research opportunities
  • Member-run clubs
    • Support member-run clubs in the network in close consultation with the CEO


  • Contribute to the development of the organisation, including the preparation, improvement and implementation of strategies, policies and operational procedures as needed
  • Funded projects
    • Support Project Co-ordinator within clearly defined roles / activities
    • Contribute to and support colleagues in the development of any applications for new funding
    • Coordinate AGM (arranging travel and accommodation, subsistence, etc)
  • Provide some of the organisation’s admin


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, human or social services
  • Two or more years’ experience working in a non-profit organisation
  • People-oriented, innovative, with a positive attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments of the community
  • Must have strong interpersonal, public relations and communications skills, including the ability to make presentations
  • Work cooperatively in a team environment to achieve results
  • Demonstrated experience working with volunteers
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English; other languages will be an asset
  • Read the full list of qualifications at the SD Europe website

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