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inFocus: Senior Learning & Evaluation Consultant

inFocus: Senior Learning & Evaluation Consultant

nFocus Consulting is seeking to recruit a Senior Evaluation and Learning Consultant to deliver inFocus consultancy services and products with the inFocus team. Deadline: 14 December 2020

inFocus Consulting is a social impact consultancy firm, working in the UK, USA and international development arena. We support clients to improve both individual and organizational performance, by effectively planning for, measuring, evaluating and sustainably growing the impact of their work. We specialize in strategy development, monitoring and evaluation and knowledge sharing and dissemination. Our international specialist team are committed to supporting a global portfolio of clients to increase the positive impact of their activities upon the lives of people and communities around the world, whether they are non-profits, governmental or for-profit entities.

Our mission is to ensure that individuals, organisations and communities are effectively empowered by sustainable and transformational solutions to resolve long-term and complex social issues. We support organisations in understanding the impact they hope to achieve and subsequently develop the right skills, capacities and tools to move forwards. We ensure that solutions are ‘generated by’ and ‘actively participated in’ by all vested stakeholders and then implemented in the most efficient and effective ways, making full use of the latest advances and understanding in both social and information technologies, along with their practical ‘in the field’ application.

To do this, we have a pool of highly skilled Staff & Associates based around the world, who are trained in our integrated service approach and are subject matter experts in sport for sustainable development and peace, children’s rights and child protection and women and girl’s rights, equality and empowerment. We apply a combination of training, consultancy and coaching solutions, designed to suit the varied contexts and challenges faced by our clients.


Position Description: inFocus Consulting is seeking to recruit a Senior Evaluation and Learning Consultant to deliver inFocus consultancy services and products with the inFocus team. The role would provide the opportunity to work with and build the capacities of interesting and inspiring NGO's in the UK and around the world. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Managing or supporting monitoring, evaluation and learning assignments
  • Delivering Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services to NGOs and social enterprises in the UK and globally
  • Improving existing inFocus products and services and developing new inFocus products and services to apply to the wider global network of charities and social enterprises accessing inFocus
  • Networking with other professionals in the international development sector (particularly sports, culture and recreation, child protection and gender equality) to make connections, recruit new associates and discuss new opportunities
  • Helping to source new work opportunities

The role will be based in the UK but may involve international travel. The position would be full-time (Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm local time).

Deadline to apply: 14 December 2020 @5:00pm

Please send your CV/ Resume and a Cover Letter addressing the Personal Specification profile and the value you can bring to inFocus Consulting Ltd to: by Monday 14th December @ 5.00pm

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