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Knowledge and Education Officer

Knowledge and Education Officer

Generations For Peace is looking for a Knowledge and Education Officer. Deadline: 25 October 2018

Purpose of the position:

Reporting to, guided and directed by the Director of Institute, the Knowledge and Education Officer is responsible for:

  • Developing, coordinating, and employing, in collaboration with the Director of Institute and departmental Knowledge Management Focal Points, knowledge management systems and processes for GFP HQ
  • Supporting, in collaboration with other GFPI’s staff, development of GFP’s curriculum and Digital Learning Platform
  • Facilitating and delivering, in collaboration with the Director of Institute and Lead Facilitator, on-site, off-site and on-line knowledge management workshops and trainings for internal and external GFP audiences
  • Designing, developing, leading, coordinating, and delivering, in collaboration with other GFPI’s staff, high quality interdisciplinary research, with emphasis on knowledge- and education-oriented research topics
  • Supporting community of practice outreach strategies and GFPI’s active online presence by developing microsite online content, and writing pieces for pre-identified external platforms and traditional and new media outlets whenever possible; supporting the GFPI’s junior staff by providing advice and constructive feedback, building capacity, mentoring, and facilitating continuous improvement of the junior staff’s competency

Knowledge and education

  • Develop, coordinate, and employ, in collaboration with the Director of Institute and departmental Knowledge Management Focal Points, knowledge management systems and processes for GFP HQ as a whole. Develop and coordinate workflows to facilitate knowledge generation, dissemination and management across the organisation, to close knowledge gaps and foster organisational learning and growth. Employ developed systems, recommend their adjustments, and ensure the integration of knowledge management practices to facilitate internal and external knowledge dissemination and uptake. Support the Outreach Officer in broad dissemination of the GFP HQ-created knowledge and lessons learnt with relevant internal and external stakeholders to maximise impact and leverage the expertise of the organisation
  • Support other GFPI’s staff and Programmes Department in deployment of knowledge management systems and processes across GFP’s programme interventions, GFP Satellite Offices, and locally-registered GFP associations to foster horizontal learning and growth. Support development of methods, techniques, approaches and systems to enhance learning, capture lessons from the GFP programme interventions, and close knowledge gaps
  • View the full list of responsibilities at the GFP website
Education, Qualifications, Competences, Skills Required:


  • MA degree in a relevant discipline
  • At least three years of relevant professional experience
  • Excellent communications skills, both consensus development and interpersonal
  • Excellent spoken and written English, and in particular top quality written English communications. Knowledge of other languages spoken in the countries where Generations For Peace operates, including Arabic, is an advantage but not required
  • Ability to evaluate technical information and communicate to various audiences. Ability to lead projects and work independently; able to take initiative, think strategically and work creatively
  • Technologically skilled (databases; documents; spreadsheets; surveys; presentations). Excellent ability in effectively utilising social media for professional purposes and new communication tools (digital/social media for research and communications)
  • Ability to perform in a high-energy environment and utilise strong organisational skills when faced with multiple time sensitive priorities; a willingness to "roll-up sleeves" and personally handle all aspects of position
  • A flexible and enthusiastic approach to work, including the thoughtfulness to work effectively with others in a collaborative workplace; a "can do" attitude
  • Cultural sensitivity and understanding of different interpretations of communications approaches in different global, regional, and local contexts. Confidence and enthusiasm when communicating to both external partners and the internal team in both formal and informal presentations
  • Strong interest in global current affairs, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and international development


  • Experience in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Experience working internationally and in an international organisation
How to apply

Please apply through the GFP Career page. Deadline for applications: 25 October 2018



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