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Reclaim Childhood is recruiting an Executive Director

Reclaim Childhood is recruiting an Executive Director

Reclaim Childhood is seeking an Executive Director. Application deadline 13 April 2018.

Reclaim Childhood (RC) is an American nonprofit 501(c)(3) organisation running after-school sports leagues, month-long summer camps and leadership programmes in Jordan. Our programmes target the most vulnerable girls and women in the community ages 6+, including at-risk Jordanians and refugees from Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan. 
RC’s mission is threefold: First, to provide a safe space where our participants can “Reclaim Childhood” and just be kids. Second, to connect communities that otherwise may not interact – host-community Jordanians, refugees from across the region, and US volunteers. Third, to empower and inspire our young women, by employing the positive impact of sport and play to teach the life lessons uniquely learned through athletics and by providing strong female role models as coaches from within the campers’ communities. 
Executive Director

- Leader of Organisation

  • Face of organisation to all stakeholders (beneficiaries, coaches, Director of Jordan Programmes, interns, Jr. Board members, Ambassadors, Chapters)
  • Head of execution on priorities of four Board Committees (Finance, Fundraising, Development, Programming)
  • Leader of professionalisation and maturation from early stage organisation to sustainable, mature organisation 

 Committee responsibilities 

- Finance

  • Lead internal auditing and tracking of fundraising and expenses
  • Run payroll, manage expenses, prepare filings
  • Prepare initial draft of budget with Jordan team

- Fundraising

  • Manage, plan, push forward and expand annual fundraising initiatives
  • Prepare and review grant proposals
  • Develop and lead fundraising strategy 

The full job description and qualifications can be found here.

Other information 

  •  Flexible location, USA preferred
  • ~2 trips to Jordan expected annually
  • ~2 recruiting trips through USA expected annually
  • Basic benefits and paid time off included in pay package, to be discussed during recruitment process 

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to by 13 April 2018.  We encourage you to apply earlier.


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