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Skating into the New Year with free to run


Skating into the New Year with free to run

Free to Run embarks on an exciting new project to build Afghanistan’s first ice skating rink in partnership with the Canadian Embassy and COAM, but we need your help first!

Free to Run is in the process of building Afghanistan’s first ice skating rink along with the Canadian Embassy in Kabul and Conservation of Afghan Mountains (COAM), a local NGO. Afghans have never ice skated before, and in order to properly train them Free to Run is looking for a volunteer who is willing to come to a safe region of Afghanistan and teach ice skating for two weeks in February. All expenses and lodging will be covered, and there will also be a salary for 24 teaching hours.

Free to Run has been operating in Afghanistan since 2014. Their mission is to use running, physical fitness and outdoor adventure to empower and educate women and girls who have been affected by conflict. The ability to participate in physical fitness and outdoor adventure is related to important human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to health and freedom of movement.

Unfortunately, in many areas of the world there are few opportunities to participate in sports. Women and girls are especially restricted as a result of widespread discrimination and traditional beliefs about female roles. In countries like Afghanistan, harmful cultural and gender norms significantly limit the ability of women and girls to engage in activities outside the home. Particularly in areas affected by conflict, sports opportunities are extremely limited or even nonexistent due to a lack of resources and insecurity.

Sport activities can also be used as a platform to provide important life skills education. Through sports, women and girls have the opportunity to convene around a common interest, build their social networks, and develop their independence and public participation outside of the home. The volunteer will get an opportunity to support those values, and make them a reality for dozens of girls.

Ideally, the volunteer will be someone who has coached ice skating in the past and who is comfortable with the idea of traveling to an underdeveloped country. The volunteer will be looked after by both the international and local staff and travel will be coordinated for them.

They are also welcome to join in on other Free to Run activities- including running practices skiing, and hiking. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history and witness a part of the world most people never get to see!

If interested, please send a short experience and interest statement to

The deadline to apply is Friday 27 January 2017.



Application deadline

Fri, 01/27/2017