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Sport For Development Coalition Manager (FTC)

Sport For Development Coalition Manager (FTC)

This new position will manage the development of the Sport for Development (SfD) Coalition, increase its capacity and accelerate its collective impact. The post is being jointly funded by Sport England, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Comic Relief. Deadline: 7 January 2018.

A sport for development intervention intentionally uses sport and physical activity to attain specific social development objectives for individuals, groups and communities. The core purpose of the SfD Coalition is to represent the sport for development sector and help to increase its profile and impact. Currently there are approximately 50 organisations involved in its network which have a diverse range of social interests and operate on a regional; England-wide; UK and/or international scale.  Its work is spearheaded by a Leadership Group of the major players involved in the sector. The SfD Coalition is keen to play its part in using the power of sport to achieve social good through working collaboratively on a limited number of projects that will make a difference in the sector. It’s three strategic goals are:

  • Making the case - with compelling rationale, personal interest stories and robust evidence of need and impact
  • Unlocking new sources of income - to enable the sport for development community to reach more people and achieve greater social outcomes 
  • Championing collaboration and leadership - by sharing knowledge and investing in learning and coordination.Comic Relief is a founder member of the Coalition and has agreed to host this post on behalf of other members. 

Comic Relief’s aim is to bring about real and lasting change by tackling the root causes of poverty and social injustice. To drive this change, Comic Relief invests funding to incredible projects that work to give people a leg up, not a hand out. They are committed to ensuring all their resources are genuinely making as big a difference as possible in people’s lives.


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