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Tunisia Programmes Coordinator


Tunisia Programmes Coordinator

A new opportunity to work for Generations For Peace in Tunis.

Purpose of the Position:

Reporting to, guided and directed by the Tunisia Programmes Manager, the Tunisia Programmes Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Tunisia Programmes Officer and Field Officers on implementation of the GFP Certification Programme and the Cascading Programmes, in order to maximize positive change and sustainable impact in the target communities.


Working closely with all members of the Tunisia programmes staff members, providing support as directed by the Tunisia Programmes Manager following the Annual Plan, scheduled Programme Cycles, and Programming Framework:

  • Supervising Tunisia Programmes Officer, Tunisia M&E Officer and Tunisia Field Officer
  • Supporting the implementation of the GFP Certification Programme and the Cascading Programmes, including assisting with day-to-day communications
  • Reporting to the Tunisia Programmes Manager lead on daily management of the Programme
  • Providing ongoing mentoring to Tunisia Programme Officer who will be working on the Programme. Ensuring mentoring includes design of Ongoing Activities and overall Programme monitoring
  • Coordinating closely, in accordance with the signed GFP partnership agreement, with TYDA on all programmatic preparations, and funds, equipment or value-in-kind materials receipt/distribution
  • Ensuring brand visibility of GFP and its Donor/Partner logos at all Programme activities, and in collected photos/videos of Programmes activities
  • Ensuring that all activities (Events, Trainings, Ongoing Activities) are documented using brief/design templates provided by GFP HQ, and that documentation shared with the Programmes Officer at HQ as the activities are progressing
  • Ensuring that all Programme activities are documented through collected photos and videos received by the Tunisia Programmes Officer, and ensuring all photos and videos are correctly named, saved, filed and shared with Programmes Officer at HQ as the activities are progressing
  • Ensuring that the collection of all quotes, testimonials and success stories of Target Group, Beneficiary Community and Key Stakeholders are collected by the Tunisia Programmes Officer and shared with the Programmes Officer at HQ as the activities are progressing
  • Ensuring that all incident reports wich are considered as critical are documented, and communicated to the Programmes Officer at HQ immediately
  • In cooperation with assigned Tunisia Programmes Officers, ensuring that all activities are monitored according to the agreed M&E Grid, and all quantitative data sent to the GFP HQ Programme Officer according to the programme work plan. Ensuring that qualitative data obtained throughout Programme monitoring is also sent to the Tunisia Programmes Manager in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that Tunisia Programme Officer is involved in periodical exchanges with the Beneficiary Community and Key Stakeholders as early as possible, to ensure the Programme activities are well known across the Tunisia Programme
  • Attending the Participatory Evaluation (PE) in the Tunisia Programme, and supporting the Tunisia Programme Officer or other Pioneers/Delegates who will lead facilitation of different PE sessions
  • Supporting the Tunisia Programmes Officers to come up with different ideas to mark relevant international observance days such as International Day of Peace, International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, or any other day deemed relevant to the Programme in the Tunisia Programme
  • Supporting the Tunisia Programmes Manager with establishment and development of strong relationships with Local Partner Organisations and government authorities in support of the programme in each governor in Tunisia
  • Supporting, guiding and mentoring the lead Delegates/Pioneers for each governor in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their programmes in their community
  • Supporting GFP HQ in planning and conducting field visits
  • Data entry of updates to programmes database/extranet
  • Supporting preparation of progress reports, briefings and updates of Tunisia Programmes according to the timeline and work plan

Education, Qualifications, Competences, Skills Required:


  • University Bachelor Degree essential, preferably in a relevant discipline
  • High professional level of written and spoken English and Arabic
  • At least three years’ professional experience
  • Experience in project and programme management, preferably in international development
  • Experience in volunteer programmes and volunteer recruitment, motivation, mentoring and management
  • Experience of working in a team and under pressure
  • Excellent computer skills (documents/spreadsheets/databases/presentations/calendars/email)
  • Excellent spoken and written English, including writing of programme plans and reports
  • Interest in global current affairs, conflict resolution and peace building, and international development


  • Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline
  • Experience in event management is useful but not essential
  • Travel and experience working in other countries

How to Apply:

 To apply please send fully completed Application Form, in detail, together with CV/resumé to the email:

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.



Languages required


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