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War Child Netherlands: M&E Specialist

War Child Netherlands: M&E Specialist

War Child is looking for a monitoring and evaluation specialist to assist with their project in South Sudan. Deadline: 15 October.


TeamUp was developed for children between the age of six and 18 years. Children inspire us. Yet, the processes supporting implementation are often less creative and fun to carry out. In monitoring and evaluation (M&E, here referred to as MEAL), we often use “conventional” tools such as surveys, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, and observations. While these tools are often seen as the golden standard in programme evaluation and research, children do not have a choice/ the ownership of how they share the changes they experience because of TeamUp. This is why we embark on a journey of participatory MEAL.

At TeamUp, we have decided to co-create a MEAL tool with TeamUp participants that measures some outcomes of the TeamUp Theory of Change. The MEAL tool that we want to base on part of this ToC will be an addition to the existing tools that include a survey, FGDs, observations, and interview guides. Play and movement are the two key mechanisms in TeamUp, but these are barely reflected in the current MEAL tools and should therefore be the focus of the tool.

Our running project (TeamUp: Ready? GO!) in the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) – with local partners Save the Children, War Child Holland, SOS Children’s Villages, and Help a Child – gives us the opportunity to co-create this tool with children participating in TeamUp. The project has officially started in April 2021, but implementation of sessions has started only in September 2021. The following components are seen as part of this assignment:

  • Due to the security situation in RSS it is not advised to travel to field locations (outside the capital Juba) on an individual basis (unless the organisation you work for advises otherwise and is experienced with this). Having a local network will be extremely helpful to perform the assignment.
  • The first part of the assignment focuses on the co-creation with TeamUp participants: how do they experience change when it comes to moving and playing?
  • The second part of the assignment focuses on framing the results of the co-creation process into (number of) tool(s) that fit(s) within the TeamUp methodology. This will be done with a team of TeamUp (master) trainers, located in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The tools produced during the workshop in the Netherlands will be presented to the participants in South Sudan who can ‘vote’ for their preferred option.
  • Overall, there will be support from the TeamUp Global MEAL Specialist to ensure that this becomes a MEAL tool.


The purpose of developing this tool is to ensure that the experiences of children and the main mechanisms of TeamUp (play and movement) are incorporated in a MEAL tool. This tool will contribute to the TeamUp MEAL toolkit that will be rolled out globally. The consultant will work closely with the TeamUp Global MEAL Specialist and a small advisory group consisting of other MEAL Specialists (working for War Child or partner organisations).

Activities to be done

Develop a plan for co-creation:

  • Meet with in facilitators, trainers, colleagues and staff in RSS and the Netherlands:
  • Pay a visit to TeamUp activities to get familiar with the TeamUp programme (methodology, theory behind TeamUp including theory of change, and more).
  • Identify in-country support for rolling out co-creation consultations.
  • Discuss plan for co-creation with TeamUp Global team + RSS field teams.

Conduct co-creation activities with TeamUp participants in RSS (at least age 10 and older).

Organise (online) workshops with TeamUp (master) trainers from the field (South Sudan, Uganda (or another country implementing TeamUp), and the Netherlands) to consolidate the findings of the co-creation process with TeamUp participants and align this with the TeamUp methodology. Present the outcome(s) to TeamUp participants and let them rank the tools according to their preference.

Finalise the product and guidelines (see main deliverables).

Main deliverables

  • A MEAL tool that can be used in the context of RSS where the project is currently implemented. The tool includes: instructions for data collection, the actual tool to collect data, and instructions for capturing the results.
  • A guidance to contextualise the tool to other countries (if applicable also specific instructions to regional countries if this would require less work compared to other countries).
  • An overview of additional insights and outcome data that were not included in the tool, but that could be relevant for TeamUp Global.

Key dates

  • Data collection: October/ November 2021.
  • Consolidation of data with TeamUp Global team: December 2021.
  • Final product: January 2022.
  • The budget available for this project is €13.000. The project ends on 31 March, 2022.


Interested in the assignment? Submit your proposal to Kyra Pedersen (MEAL Specialist TeamUp Global) by 15 October 2021.

Application deadline

Fri, 10/15/2021

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