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Commonwealth Moves: Adapting community sport to COVID-19

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Commonwealth Moves: Adapting community sport to COVID-19

The Commonwealth has worked with partners to create resources and commission research to help community sport and relevant authorities adapt to the current reality.

Community sport and physical activity have been dramatically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdowns and physical distancing have made it difficult to run sporting activities in the usual way. Given the positive outcomes that sport can have on its participants, the disruption to sport and physical activity risks having a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

In response, the Commonwealth Secretariat has worked with five partners to develop resources to adapt and respond to the current reality. These resources aim to support organisations in modifying the way sport is delivered, helping to promote resilience to the pandemic among the community sport sector and the general population, while complying with guidance on social distancing, health and safety.

The Commonwealth also aims to support countries in creating and adjusting sport policies to fit the current reality. The Commonwealth Secretariat has commissioned research under the banner of the Commonwealth Moves programme – this includes a) an analysis of the implications of COVID-19 for community sport and physical activity; and b) a research initiative to investigate policy options and recommendations to resource the recovery and sustainability of the sport and fitness sector.

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