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Geopolitics and access to sports

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Geopolitics and access to sports

The founder of Inuka Direct, Gabriel Tito Tabona, shares a five-part series exploring geopolitical dimensions influencing access to sports.

Far beyond its definition of how countries interact with each other, geopolitics has been considered an important element in improving people's way of life. Countries usually develop their local legislation sourced from international legal frameworks created by the United Nations through collaborative efforts.

This five-part article series will attempt to explore various dimensions of geopolitics which affect access to sports and reactions generated from different stakeholders at the micro and macro levels. The dimensions include immigration issues, sports management, investor confidence, relations between government and sports federation and diplomatic dynamics—all of which have been given intra- and inter-political perspectives.

The five dimensions will be further explored in the coming weeks to provoke conversations on how political factors can undermine or strengthen the enjoyment of sports.

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