East Africa Cup 2011


East Africa Cup 2011

Much more than a sports tournament, the East Africa Cup is a celebration of sports, fellowship, cultural exchange and education. Set against the spectacular, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the event features more than 1300 participants from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda.

Before a ball is kicked the young people attending the event – and their leaders – get involved in a practical, educational programme of workshops.

These include first aid, Kicking Aids Out, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and refereeing.

The participating clubs must show a year-round commitment to using sports in their communities, and after each afternoon’s football there are cultural activities like dancing, singing and poetry.



Experience the East Africa Cup 2011

Several video clips were produced during the East Africa Cup 2011. The sportanddev YouTube channel captured all these videos, so click on the link below to experience the EAC 2011!

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