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Take a look at our newsletter archive (2021)

Take a look at our newsletter archive (2021)

Below you can access all editions of our newsletter released in 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter in the right-hand margin to receive the latest updates from sportanddev.

Issue 298 - September 2021 (3)

Featuring articles on the gender pay gap in sports, sustainable alternatives to mega sport events and a new tool to address racial inequity in sport organisations. 

Issue 297 - September 2021 (2)

Announcing the launch of our campaign on reshaping the future of sport and development, and articles on the Refugee Paralympic Team and LGBTQ representation at the Tokyo Olympics

Issue 296 - September 2021 (1)

Featuring a video on Japanese initiatives around the world to make sport accessible for people with disabilities, an article by Women Win on how the Tokyo Olympics were far from gender equal, and an article on a report by the Hamilton Commission on making motorsport inclusive. 

Issue 295 - August 2021 (2)

Featuring articles from our call for articles leading up to International Youth Day 2021, results from our annual survey, and a write-up on our Youth Day webinar. 

Issue 294 - August 2021 (1)

Featuring articles from our call for articles leading up to International Youth Day 2021 and information about our webinar on young people building a better future for SDP. 

Issue 293 - July 2021 (2)

Featuring our website section on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, and articles on girls' participation in sport and sex testing in sport.  

Issue 292 - July 2021 (1)

Featuring articles on controversies ahead of the Tokyo Games and an interview with Ileana Rodriguez, Chef de Mission of the Refugee Paralympic Team. Launching our call for articles for International Youth Day 2021. 

Issue 291 - June 2021 (2)

Highlighting our social media campaign on World Refugee Day and articles on the inclusion of trans people in grassroots sport and LGBTQ+ athletes making waves in the sporting world.

Issue 290 - June 2021 (1)

Featuring news of our webinars on our global course on S4D, UEFA's Football and Social Responsibility Report, and the launch of Laureus' new campaign on using sport to address social challenges. 

Issue 289 - May 2021 (2)

Featuring news of an interactive webinar on our MOOC on S4D, and articles debating if the Tokyo Games should be cancelled and on how sport is inherently political. 

Issue 288 - May 2021 (1)

Featuring articles on Dalit athletes breaking barriers, making the S4D sector more secure for its workers, and research on how esports can complement sport and development. 

Issue 287 - April 2021 (2)

Featuring an article on vaccinations and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the launch of the updated version of our global MOOC on sport for sustainable development, and a survey on sport and social cohesion.

Issue 286 - April 2021 (1)

Featuring articles from our call for IDSDP 2021, launching the second iteration of our global course on sport for sustainable development, and highlighting WHO's call for vaccine equity. 

Issue 285 - March 2021 (2)

Highlighting our COVID-19 section, the call for articles for IDSDP 2021, and celebrating Women's History Month by looking at women's participation in sport. 

Issue 284 - March 2021 (1)

Announcing a new partnership between sportanddev and the Journal of Sport for Development, the launch of the Australian Government's new sport for development initiative, Team Up, and launching our call for articles for IDSDP 2021. 

Issue 283 - February 2021 (2)

Featuring an article on the impact of our global course of sport for sustainable development, resources from UNESCO on quality physical education policies and WHO guidelines on physical activity, and a collaborative effort between Skateistan and Women Win to support female skateboarders. 

Issue 282 - February 2021 (1)

Featuring a report on the impact of COVID-19 on sport for development organisations, an article on corruption in mega sport events, and the launch of FIFA's online course on safeguarding

Issue 281 - January 2021 (2)

Featuring a new section on the website on measuring the contribution of sport to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Articles highlighting the impact of the UEFA Foundation for Children and the first ever virtual-reality Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championship.

Issue 280 - January 2021 (1)

Featuring our report on the future of sport and development, recapping 2020 on sportanddev and highlighting a new UEFA documentary on confronting discrimination in football. 

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