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Alexis Lyras

Alexis Lyras

Dr. Alexis Lyras is Generations for Peace fellow at Georgetown University and special advisor to the International Olympic Academy on Olympism, Peacebuilding and International Development.

Dr. Alexis Lyras was appointed by the International Olympic Academy to serve as special advisor to the IOA on Olympism, peacebuilding and international development in January 2013. Dr. Lyras is an International Olympic Committee scholar with the Olympic Solidarity, and has a distinguished record in the emerging field of Olympism, peacebuilding and international development. Dr. Lyras has close to 25 years of experience in: strategic planning and consulting; developing and implementing integrated research, teaching, student engagement, academic programmes and curricula; youth and professional sport programming and policy; coaching training and certifications; and conducting monitoring and evaluation of sport for peace and development programmes and initiatives.

Dr. Lyras currently holds the Generations for Peace Research Fellowship in the Conflict Resolution Programme at Georgetown University. His most recent project is Olympism4Humanity (O4H), a global venture of the International Olympic Academy and Georgetown University, supported by Generations for Peace, the International Olympic Truce Center and twenty-two world leading sport for peace and development experts and institutions. O4H’s vision is “to explore and enhance the contribution of Olympism to humanity” through the advancement of world wide human-centered alliances, applied scholarship, collaborations, academic programmes and student engagement educational opportunities.

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