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Featured e-Debaters

Featured e-Debaters

Find out about the experts who will participate in the e-Debate on the role of sport in the post-2015 development discussions.


Ollie Dudfield

A consultant, policy adviser and strategist who has worked with multiple inter-governmental bodies, government agencies, NGOs and sporting organisations.


Nicholas Gates

Founder and global strategist for Coaches Across Continents, Nicholas Gates also founded PLAY SOCCER and has a long backround in sport and business.



Wilfried Lemke

Special Adviser to the United Nations on Sport for Development and Peace, Wilfried Lemke has over 25 years of professional experience in both sport and politics.


Sarah Hillyer

Dr. Sarah Hillyer has supported SPD in over 75 countries. Currently executive director of the UT Center for Sport, Peace, and Society and director of Sport 4 Peace.

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray is learn director at Women Win. As a journalist and global authority on women's sport, she has built a career covering stories of empowerment through physical activity.

Lombe Mwambwa

Lombe Mwambwa is general secretary of NOWSPAR in Zambia, a VitalVoices lead fellow and an Anita White Foundation scholar. She's been involved in S&D since 2004.

Paul Otieno

Paul Otieno is a sport and development expert, consultant and strategist, with vast experience in organisational leadership and development.


Oliver Percovich

Founder and executive director of NGO Skateistan, which uses skateboarding as a tool for youth empowerment in Afghanistan and Cambodia. 


Holly Thorpe

Dr Holly Thorpe is a senior lecturer at the University of Waikato in New Zealand with much of her research focused on action sports and young women's experiences in sport. 


David Thiru

David Thiru is executive director of MYSA in Kenya and has a long history of playing and promoting sport.



Alexis Lyras

Dr. Alexis Lyras is Generations for Peace fellow at Georgetown University and special advisor to the International Olympic Academy on Olympism, Peacebuilding and International Development.

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