Key Resources in Sport and Disaster Response


Key Resources in Sport and Disaster Response

Planning an intervention means consulting the right resources. Material on the Platform can be useful in your efforts. Selected material available on the Platform can be downloaded below.

Resources and tools about how to plan a sport intervention in post-disaster settings are available. A list of hands-on tools and manuals, but also research conducted in this field should be taken into account to implement a sport and play intervention.


Moving Forward Toolkit

This guide about how to implement sport for youth activities in emergency settings is specifically well-suited for practitioners. It has been developed by CARE, Mercy Corps and Schwery Consulting, and provides indepth information and practical advice about how to plan sports activities in post-disaster contexts.


Well-being and resilience after the tsunami - Evaluation

This evaluation of the Terre des hommes Foundation (Lausanne) two year post-tsunami psychosocial project in Sri Lanka was done by the Centre for Humanitarian Psychology, between 2005 and 2006. The quantitative study shows the positive impact of recreational activities on thousands of children registered during that period.


Helping Children Overcome Disaster Trauma Through Post-Emergency Psychosocial Sports Programs

This report reviews theoretical underpinnings and practical methods utilized by psychosocial sports programmes in helping children traumatized in disaster. The method of assessment examines existing research and documentation on the subject of psychosocial sports interventions with youth traumatized by disasters, and draws upon the learning examples from currently active psychosocial sports programmes in the field.


Situation Report - Sport and Play for the Earthquake Affected Youth in Italy

Andrea Brunelli, from the University of Roma, got involved in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the Abruzzo Region in Italy on April 6, 2009. In this report, Andrea asks key questions about when the intervention should take place, and also elaborates on the importance to adapt sport and play exercises in such extreme circumstances. 

Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention

The Handbook developed for ICSSPE's Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention seminar provides an introduction to: Disaster and Disaster Relief; Psycho-social Responses to Disaster; Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention; A Practical Guide to Psycho-social Sport Programmes; and Reference Material and Further Resources.

Sport and Play for Traumatized Children and Youth: An assessment of a pilot-project in Bam, Iran

This report summarises the experiences gained and lessons learnt from the project “Sport and Play for Traumatized Children and Youth in Bam, Iran” of the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD). This pilot project was conducted following the devastating earthquake that struck the city of Bam, Iran in the early morning of December 26, 2003.


Anticipating the Future: children and young people’s voices in Haiti’s Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA)

This report summarises the results of consultations with children and youth in Haiti who voiced their views on the reconstruction of the country. This process is meant to feed into the post-disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) in Haiti.

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