Other Key Resources

Other Key Resources

We've pooled a number of other resources that might be useful to you in your intervention planning.

"Not re-inventing the wheel" tends to be a popular saying - the field of sport and development is no exception... The resources below bring together links to experts, research institutes, implementing partners as well as conferences that have one point in common: all are related to the use of sport as an intervention tool in post-disaster settings.


Events: the Rheinsberg Seminars

The Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention Seminars have become a reference in the field of sport and disaster response. Bringing together relief workers, policy makers and researchers, the three editions of the Seminar (2007, 2008 and 2009) have grown into a true milestone in this area. Background information about these events, presentations of the keynote speakers as well as manuals and tools are available on the Platform. Click on the link below to find out more.

Online Resources: Learn More about Sport and Post-Disaster Intervention

An entire section of the Platform is devoted to the thematic field of sport and disaster response. This section introduces the concepts surrounding sport and disaster response including an overview of the key issues along with links to recommended reading and resources. Learn more about sport and disaster response by clicking on the link below.


Online Resources: access the Toolkit

The online Toolkit of the Platform provides a list of manuals and tools applicable to the field of sport and development. Advice about how to build local capacity, project management tools as well as good practice in Monitoring and Evaluation are available in this online Toolkit.


Resource Person: Christoph Schwager

Christoph Schwager teaches sport and physical education at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has taken part in numerous sport and development programmes in post-disaster settings, including Iran in the aftermath of the Bam earthquake and post-tsunami Sri Lanka. He's also played a key role in facilitating the Rheinsberg seminars described above.


Resource Organisation: ICSSPE

The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) aims to promote and disseminate the results and findings in the field of sport science and their practical application in cultural and educational contexts. ICSSPE has been particulary active in the field of sport and disaster response, namely through the organisation of the Rheinsberg Seminars from 2007-09.


Resource Person: Alan Kirk

Dr. Alan Kirk Chairs the Department of Human Services at Kennesaw State University. He's been involved in emergency response teams to a number of disasters including Hurricane Katrina in the USA. He was also a key presenter during the Rheinsberg seminars listed above.


Resource Persons: International Network of Sport and Development Consultants (INSDC)

The INSDC brings together consultants from around the globe engaged in sport and development. This network published the first edition of the Moving Forward Toolkit in November 2008. This toolkit provides guidance for people implementing sports programmes after man-made or natural disaster.

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