Options available to you

Options available to you

There are several options on how to use the Platform to cover your event. You or your 'reporters' can:

  • post quick updates from the event after each presentation, discussion or workshop;
  • post a reflective daily 'recap' of the day's discussions, workshop outcomes, presentations, etc. that summarises the outcomes of the day;
  • post feedback articles on presentations, workshops, discussions, together with a selected group of participants who provide their comments;
  • start a separate online discussion for the Platform audience (not attending the event) to raise questions, comments and ideas that can be fed into the presentations, discussions and workshops at your event;
  • use the Platform after your event is over to continue discussions with participants, and to stay in touch.

Please contact the Operating Team

If you have any questions or would like more information on having your event covered on the Platform, send an email to info@sportanddev.org

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