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Take a look at our e-Newsletter Archive (2011)

Take a look at our e-Newsletter Archive (2011)

Below you can access all editions of our bimonthly e-Newsletter released in 2011. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter in the right hand margin to receive the latest updates from the Platform.

Issue 35 - January (1)

In this issue you'll find out more about the International Peace and Sport Forum, two new opportunities in the field of S&D, and the latest news about organisations that recently joined the Platform...

Issue 36 - January (2)

Find out about new job opportunities in the field of S&D, or take a look at the latest publications in this field. This issue also comprises the usual news and upcoming events.


Issue 37 - February (1)

Access this edition of the e-Newsletter to find out about the main events coming up in February. New members have joined the Platform's online community, and publications have also been uploaded.


Issue 38 - February (2)

This issue presents new opportunities to get involved in S&D, including new jobs available, a request for proposals and a call for papers. Click on the link below to find out how to get involved.


Issue 39 - March (1)

Find out more about the Global Sports Forum Barcelona, and see what Zambian expert Lombe Mwambwa has to say about the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day.

Issue 40 - March (2)

Find out more about the most important S&D events, take a look at two publications added to the Platform, and read interesting commentaries about sport and development worldwide.


Issue 41 - March (3)

Find out more about the main upcoming events, including the Sport Accord Convention, get in touch with the Platform's 1500th Team Player, or take a look at the latest job opportunities in S&D.


Issue 42 - April (1)

View the CSR and Sport conference proceedings, or check out two commentary pieces about gender equality in football and meeting basic needs through S&D programming.


Issue 43 - May (1)

Find out about new publications and new additions to the sportanddev community, and read about the most important events coming up in May.


Issue 44 - May (2)

Access the Platform's recap of the UN-IOC Forum held last week in Geneva, Switzerland, download a new S&D manual, or find out more about the latest additions to the online community.


Issue 45 - June (1)

This issue brings you details of events coming up over the next few weeks as well as a recap of key events that took place recently in the field of Sport & Development.


Issue 46 - June (2)

This issue includes upcoming events as well as a specially-dedicated section to the approaching East Africa Cup. It also contains a recent publication focusing on Nepal...

Issue 47 - July (1)

This issue brings you exclusive updates from the KickFair Festival and the East Africa Cup. Internship opportunities are also featured in this edition of the newsletter.

Issue 48 - July (2)

This issue brings you updates from the Sport and Development field, including the Women's World Cup 2011 and the independence of South Sudan from a Sport & Development perspective.

Issue 49 - August (1)

Issue 49 contains updates from the Sport & Development sector, including upcoming events, opportunities, news from the field and latest additions to the sportanddev community.

Issue 50 - August (2)

This issue comprises interesting commentaries about dance and development, and the sustainability of sport for development programmes, in addition to the latest news about sport and development events.


Issue 51 - September (1)

This issue comprises sport for development news from Latin America, as well as commentaries from the field. Click here to find out more about the main events taking place in September...


Issue 52 - September (2)

September is a busy month in the S&D world. Find out about the main events happening in this field, as well as several opportunities which will help you get involved in this sector.


Issue 53 - October (1)

Read about the latest events, job opportunities, and services available on the Platform. Find out about new members who joined the online community.


Issue 54 - October (2)

Find out about the main upcoming events, and read about five different commentaries reflecting on the field of sport and development.


Issue 55 - November (1)

Read about the main events that took place in October, and find out more about the Next Step Conference, which is just around the corner. Various publications are also announced in this edition of the newsletter.


Issue 56 - November (2)

Issue 56 highlights the Communities in Crisis seminar and flagged a number of new opportunities in the S&D field. Commentary pieces involved participants of the Next Step 2011 conference...


Issue 57 - December (1)

Issue 57 includes a two exclusive interviews with members of the S&D community and highlights key events in the S&D sector, including the Beyond Sport Summit. New publications and members of the community are also highlighted...


Issue 58 - December (2)

In the last issue of 2011, sportanddev looks back on the year in Sport & Development, on opportunities, on events and looks forward to the expected highlights of 2012...

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