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Community voice

Community voice

Why should I get involved?

The consultation process in setting the agenda for post-2015 development has been consciously more inclusive than in the forming of the Millennium Development Goals 14 years ago. sportanddev wishes to replicate this by including as many voices as possible in our e-Debate on the topic.

How can I contribute?
You can submit your ideas in one of three ways:

1. Filling out this form
2. Posting on the sportanddev Facebook page
3. Tweeting @sportanddev using the hashtag #sportanddevDebate

Round one (Deadline 15 November)
The e-Debate begins with a critical reflection on sport and development (S&D) as a sector and its contribution to 'mainstream' development so far:

  • How has the sport and development community contributed to the MDGs? (Main question)
  • How far have we come as a sector? (Sub question)
  • Is sport a well-suited tool to trigger change? (Sub question)

Round two
(Deadline 29 November)

The second round takes a look at the role of sport in the discussions regarding the post-2015 development goals:  

  • How can sport and development claim space in the post-2015 discussions? (Main question)
  • What should be the focus of the sport and development community in post-2015 policy debate? (Sub question)
  • How can sport and development feature more prominently in the post-2015 agenda? (Sub question)

Round three
(Deadline 13 December)

The final round examines the future of the sport and development community:

  • What is your vision for the sport and development community post-2015? (Main question)
  • How can sport meet the challenges of post-2015 development? (Sub question)
  • How can we more convincingly make the case that sport is an effective tool for development? (Sub question

What will happen to my submission?

At the end of the round the Operating Team will compile the community contributions and publish a summary.

The summaries are available by clicking on the links below. 

The e-Debate

Read the contributions to the e-Debate.

About the e-Debate

Find out about the topic and how the e-Debate works.

Featured e-Debaters

Find out about the experts participating in the discussion.

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