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The e-Debate

The e-Debate

The 2013 sportanddev e-Debate has three rounds, each with a different focus. Questions from each round and contributions from both featured e-Debaters and the wider S&D community can be found alongside the published summaries using the links below.

Round one

Reflecting on the evolution of the S&D sector and its contribution to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Round two

Discussing the role of S&D in post-2015 development and its inclusion in the policy-making process. 

Round three

Envisioning the future of the S&D sector.

Featured e-Debaters

Find out about the experts participating in the discussion.

About the e-Debate

Find out about the topic and how the e-Debate works.

Community voice

Find out how to get involved in the conversation.

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