The Apothecary by né-ri

The Apothecary by né-ri

The apothecray by né-ri recognises the importance of human development and wellness in the race for sustainable development in Africa. Hence the organisation recognises sports as a tool for the reinforcement of human wellness and in implementing development solutions fin Africa and across the atlantic.

The apothecary is a non for profit organisation  founded in 2016 with the aim of contributing to development solutions and human wellness through sports in Africa and across the atlantic. 

Our areas of focus are:

* Education of young people through sports 

* Reinforcement of community values through sports

* Reinforcing research on sports for development and sports development

* Contributing to nation building through sports 

* Créating opportunities of young people through sports. 


In the line of action we created the together we play camp, which is a camp with three main objectives as follows

* Reinforcing communiy values such as collaboration and social cohésion

* Orientating and training young people

* And creating awareness for the youths on the importance of sports in personal development  

About organisation

Organisation type

Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO






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