Beyond Hoops

Beyond Hoops

Power of sport to empower youth and children.

BeyondHoops Africa is a basketball and life-skills program, BHA rides on sport ability to educate, empower and inspire youth from all walks of life.

Sport is inherently about drawing on, developing and showcasing young people’s strengths & abilities.


By shining a light on what youth can do, rather than what they cannot do.

This approach is strength based and promotes hope and a positive outlook for youth and their communities.


We plan to run free programs all year long which include basketball camps, tournaments and life skills trainings.



Train youth holistically to be responsible members of the community

Develop fundamentally sound basketball players, prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally to play to their fullest potentials

Develop Beyond Hoops Africa coaches as qualified basketball coaches and build their capabilities in running community basketball programs

Partner with different entities and mobilize resources to build basketball facilities in the communities


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Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO


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