BoMoVu – The Network of Sport and Body Movement for Vulnerable Groups ( is an association that develops programs to transform sport and body movement into social benefit and combats all kind of discriminations in sports. Thanks to our network of volunteer sport and physical activity practitioners, we bring together various groups such as children, refugees or women, and contribute to their social empowerment in line with their needs.

As BoMoVu, we believe that sports programs designed toward social empowerment can contribute to social justice and give each person life skills. We target the following thematic areas with the aim to support the access to rights:

  • Bodily rights (right to access to sports, physical integrity, right to movement)
  • Fight against discriminations (ethnic and gender-based)
  • Social empowerment (to take part in education, work, social life)

Some of the programs we have developed so far are:


The primary goal of the Reconciliation Games is to use the freedom availed by play in order to improve cross-border perceptions of children. While doing so, we use traditional children games which are a component of the local cultural heritage. By taking values such as tolerance, inclusiveness, equal rights, virtue, pleasure, happiness, love and respect that are embedded in sports, we contribute to the development of a peaceful environment based on social inclusion through helping children recognize and question their prejudices linked with all power relations build between different identities living in the region and gender-based power relations.


Your Movement is Free is a tool we developed to reach out to community centers serving refugees in Istanbul. With a network of sports and performing arts practitioners, refugee children and adults benefiting from services of community centers in Istanbul are offered physical activity programs to accompany their educational and psycho-social support.


With the “Critical sports” program, we defend the right to movement, through promoting a point of view that questions the establishments that create and give practice to sports, and that criticizes the power relations and imbalances that are reproduced in sports. Within this framework, we carry out weekly solidarity trainings in our association, focusing on various activities designed mainly for women and other marginalized groups that fall under the aforementioned thematic areas of BoMoVu. In our weekly Woman to Women Muay Thai trainings, we challenge the gender normativity and sexism in a male-dominated sport.



Based on principles of transparency and sustainability, we work with various tools to achieve our goal:

  • Fieldwork
  • Impact assessment surveys and field research 
  • Articles and presentations
  • Solidarity meetings
  • Documentary and short films
  • Training of trainers
  • Handbook manuals

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