Non profit scientific association focused on new tendencies in sport practice.

The Association provides assistance and promotes the culture of medicine as applied to action sports and exercise. The Association’s main areas of interest are injury prevention, athletic preparation and rehabilitation. The present Association does not promote, encourage or provide incentives for the practice of risky or potentially dangerous activities. The present Association works towards safeguarding health at all times, and encourages the practice of sporting activities in a safe and responsible manner.

The Association pursues the following aims:

  • To contribute in general to the progress of medical science, with particular focus on its application to the practice of sporting activities, expecially to those known as "action sports"
  • To create an international group of experts working in the sector
  • To bring together and represent the clinicians and non-medical specialists operating in the field of sports medicine, and to promote the exchange of culture and experiences at international level
  • To promote scientific research in the area of sports medicine, especially through the organisation and promotion of studies and scientific research, participation in commissions and study groups, scientific collaboration or cooperation with public and/or private bodies, organisations and institutions
  • To promote the continuous professional development of its members, both cultural and scientific, including the promotion of congresses and didactic activities
  • To promote expertise and education in the areas of interest related to sports medicine, also outside the immediate sphere of activity of its members by way of congresses, conventions and seminars, also in collaboration with other bodies and associations
  • To promote the training of the professionals operating or preparing to operate in the sector, using the means and instruments deemed suitable on a case-by-case basis, including training courses, periods of work experience, expeditions
  • To provide consultancy and support to athletes, sports associations,and trainers in the organisation and preparation of extreme or action sporting activities, in difficult or hostile environments or conditions
  • To promote scientific knowledge through editorial initiatives, including the website of the Association

About organisation

Organisation type

Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO


Via Macello, 1
40026 Imola BO


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