Football 4 Peace Korea 평화축구

Football 4 Peace Korea 평화축구

Aims to engender in South Korean youth a peace culture through football and play
by introducing through play certain tools and values congenial to everyday conflict resolution
평화 감수성 제고 : 축구와 체육 활동을 통한 평화문화 확산을 위해 일합니다.
축구를 통해 평화적 갈등해결 도구의 인식/습득하여 행동의 변화

F4P is an activity-based peace education, community relations and reconciliation initiative. Sports coaches, community leaders and volunteers work alongside each other bringing communities together through football and aspects of outdoor education.

Develop peace sensitivity in youngsters and thereby build a foundation for possible future inter-Korean sporting exchange at the community level rather than the hitherto dominant method of exchange only at elite sport level. 

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Non-profit organisation/charity/NGO/INGO


Mapo gu
South Korea


(0082) 2 734 7070


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