The Football Foundation for Africa

Build a better foundation for the future of African football.
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The Football Foundation for Africa

A social enterprise that is focusing football education and sports infrastructure development in Africa. Our aim is to help create a sustainable business model for the future of African football. Our goals are to mobilize resources for the development of sustainable sports facilities and secondly, facilitate the transfer of knowledge in all its spheres to the Africa game.

The FFA is currently located in Geneva Switzerland and having an operational focus in Africa (Kenya and Botswana).  The primary aim of FFA is improve the standards of grassroots football and related products and services. The foundation is structure along three (3) thematic areas:

  • Sustainable sports infrastructure: Building high quality sustainable sporting facilities with a focus on the terrain (playing surface) and supporting infrastructure to allow safe participation in sports. These facilities provide a meeting point that help build a sense of community and reduce social isolation. They also provide employment as permanent features in a community.
  • Education: Provide high quality all-round Football business education to enhance youth employability, develop future leaders in African sport and produce well-rounded football professionals. The FFA also plans participate in vocational education and training to prepare youths for the job market.
  • Advocacy: The FFA seeks to protect and strengthen the foundation of African football through advocacy, that is, lobbying local, national and supranational organisations including governments with the aim of protecting the sport of football in Africa (and the world in general) from coming into disrepute.

To meet its objectives and support its programmes and projects, the FFA will leverage on advanced research and technology development. Without innovation there can be no sustainability.

Vision: Build a sustainable foundation for the future of African football.

Mission: Improve the standards of football in Africa through investment in sustainable sports infrastructure facilities and quality education at the grassroots level.

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