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Hockey Dreams Foundation

A FUTURE THROUGH HOCKEY. We use hockey as a tool to provide youth a better future. We create worldwide opportunities and we provide the base for development. We highly believe that sport development has the ability to improve communities. Besides, through sport many people can be reached. Our focus is on our coaches, who we enable to get education and develop on personal and environmental level, because they are our foundation for the community. In our local communities, run by local people, they create their own future.

Our dream is to work in ten different developing countries. We would like our coaches to find jobs which enable them to take care of themselves and their families. It would be amazing if the coaches could keep the organisation alive by: a) pursuing local sponsorships to finance their local projects and; b) passing on their skills to a new generation of coaches. This would complete our cycle of sustainable change. Hockey Dreams Foundation headquarters in the Netherlands would, in that case, slowly handover all major operational matters and support from the sidelines.

We are committed to provide the opportunity for a better future for every coach and his/her pupils, irrespectively origin, believe, race or nature. Our aim is to achieve this through sport and specifically through our local coaches. They are the key for our organization. They can develop personally by finishing their school, attend college and find a job as a young professional. And, they can transfer the message towards others. It is their job to create a safe sport environment where children can play and have fun.

10 coaches - from underprivileged areas in every community each running a registered, active hockey club. These clubs oversee: training, competition, equipment and other matters that are common in sport organisations.
100+ children - mentored on and off the pitch by our coaches. The children learn the importance of cooperation, how to respect each other and how to set goals. Other subjects covered include health and hygiene. The coaches motivate the children to play in a safe environment and, by example, demonstrate that anyone can have a bright future despite where they come from.
1000+ of people are reached through the programs facilitated by Hockey Dreams Foundation - not only coaches and children. By creating a healthy and safe sport community we stimulate parents, family members, friends and other athletes to be part of this developed, self-sufficient and sustainable community.

A sustainable community
We believe in setting up local communities organised by local people. We identify local coaches who eventually set up and manage a local NGO to ease operations in their respective countries. We share our knowledge with them, provide opportunities to continue with their education, and provide equipment. Each coach is assigned a project and responsibilities. All the coaches receive an allowance when they perform their tasks. We find that this is the best way to maintain their commitment and retain their knowledge and skills in the long-term. The coaches choose their successors when a coach spot is available. It is also their responsibility to train their replacements. In this way,  the knowledge is transferred from one coach to the next with little intervention from abroad (the headquarters in the Netherlands).

Young professionals
Hockey Dreams’ aspiration for local coaches is that they work their way into careers that allow them to provide for their families. The foundation facilitates this by providing opportunities to complete high school, learn the English language, follow computer courses and possibly attend college. We want the coaches also develop personally and become role models because of their exceptional achievements.

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